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Oilfield Drilling Chemicals by Force Chem Tech

ForceChemTech is a manufacturer of biodegradable oilfield chemicals such as drilling fluids, lubricants, rig cleaners and well service fluids.

Our ForceCleaner line are specialized products that are concentrated, non regulated, biodegradable, water soluble, heavy duty degreasers.
We manufacture a complete line of completion fluids such as packer fluid inhibitors, foamers & defoamers to meet specialized needs and handle a myriad of scenarios.
Special high temperature, high pressure drilling lubricants that are designed off patented technology to reduce torque and drag in water and oil based drilling mud.
Our production chemicals consist of paraffin solvents, ashpaltene inhibitors, emulsion breakers, H2 and O2 scavengers and injectivity enhancers.


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