Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide exposure with ForceScav Triazine H2S scavenger.

Force Chem Tech offers a water-soluble and oil-soluble hydrogen sulfide scavenger that can be applied via continuous injection or through batch treatments. This product, on average, is three times more concentrated than the average competing treatment product solutions.

ForceScav HS Features & Product Benefits

  • Developed for drilling systems – protonated molecule reacts 2X faster and works in both hydrophilic (water) and (oil) based systems.
  • 2X chemical reaction time reduces product consumption when compared to traditional forms of triazine used in scavenging operations.
  • Hydrogen sulfide removal will improve safety in the drilling rig workplace.
  • Satisfy contractual sales limit for H2S content (environmental and health concerns)
  • Safe, effective and quick removal of hydrogen sulfide gas from process systems
  • Maintains assets and greatly reduces corrosion
  • Reaction products can be easily removed from process systems integrity & reduces the need for new equipment
  • Preserve expensive drilling equipment and pipe iron from the corrosive effects of H2S gasses
  • Avoid costly drilling and production delays from exceedingly high and unsafe levels of corrosive gasses
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger for Water Based Systems to Scavenge and Convert H2S to Safe, Non-Solid Byproduct Corrosion Inhibitor
  • 6 ppm ForceScav removes 1 ppm hydrogen sulfide. Compare to straight triazine which is 20 ppm to remove 1 ppm.
  • Improved reaction times and lower product consumption results in significant cost savings versus straight triazine.
  • Significant cost savings versus triazine when freight and storage are taken into account.
  • Chemical formulation is partially composed of proprietary heterocyclic amine formula (see H2S scavenger sds for further details)
  • Safer and more environmentally friendly than mechanical separation and treatment with caustic soda ash alternatives

Ideally Suited In The Removal of H2S Contaminated Hydrocarbon Environments Such As

  • Natural Gas Streams
  • Crude Oil / Crude Petroleum
  • Drilling Mud & Fluids
  • Water and Oil based fluid systems
  • Fuel & Fuel Oil
  • Contaminated Water

ForceScav HS vs. Regular Triazine in Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenging and Removal


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External Resources

We have engineered our line of H2S scavengers to be as effective as possible. To read more about in-depth hydrogen sulfide issues, please refer to the oilfield wiki h2s scavenger page.