ForceSurf Scale-X ligand & surfactant package (salt water disposal) maintenance via injectivity improvement

Force Chem Technologies ForceSurf is a biodegradable, non-regulated, chemical solution for prevention and remediation of scale deposits in oilfield applications. Please read accompanying (SDS) linked below for formulation information and details.

  • Scale inhibitor for oilfield applications (drilling, completion and production).
  • Pressure reduction.
  • Scale chelation (remediation)/sequestration (a scale inhibitor) – inhibits scale formation.
  • Continuous cleaning of the bore face and perforations to increase production and keep away scale deposits.
  • Increases and sustains production flow by allowing production pipelines free of scale formation.
  • Reduces need for maintenance and decreases maintenance downtime.
  • Non-Regulated chemical solution.
  • Surface-active, contains aromatic or modified aromatic surface active agents.
  • >80% biodegradable in soil in 28 days.
  • Useful in downhole (mud pumps) and chemical injection pump systems.
  • Minimizes and can even eliminate costly downtime and maintenance.
  • Scale X is a downhole and tubing descaler and scale inhibitor. When scale builds up (composed of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Bicarbonate ) it blocks flow downhole. Scale X remediates this issue.
  • As effective as HCL in scale remediation but does not cause corrosion and component issues associated with HCL use.
  • As effective in scale inhibition as ForcePac is with corrosion inhibition.
  • A predecessor to the ForceHib scale inhibitor line.

Prevent scaling issues like this with ForceSurf.

Additional resources related to preventing scale formation in oilfield applications:

  • The XLR-8 ForceSurf is usable in all situations where a surfactant is needed.
  • XLR-8 relieves SWD well pressure both in the tubing and downhole.
  • Functions as a great surfactant with great dispersion properties.

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