ForceGel HT Xanthan Gum (Gel) & ForceFluids D-1022 Polymer Drilling Fluid

ForceGel HT Xanthan Gum (Gel) with ForceFluids D-1022 Polymer Drilling Fluid – Unbeatable Results

Quite a stir has been brewing in the Eagle Ford shale. Our Force Fluids D-1022 is turning heads and beating the leading competing product.  Not only does it disperse and build friction reducing molecular weight faster, but it also reduces injection pressures at rates that exceed the competition. A field study showed a 6200 psi injection water pressure in a coiled tubing being lowered to 3800 psi within 10 minutes of circulation versus being lowered to 4650 psi with the leading competing product and that took 20 minutes to peak out at that reduction. You are looking at nearly a 1000 PSI drop in half the time! When sweeping solids from the well bore, the mixture of ForceGel HT Xanthan drilling additive with ForceFluids D-1022 ploymer drilling fluid  is incredible. The two cross-linked polymers deliver truly stellar results due to the structural stability that ForceGel HT yields coupled with the molecular weight of ForceFluids D-1022.



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