Force Chem Technologies – Redefining Oilfield Chemical Technology One Well At A Time


What Is Force Chem Tech?

Force Chem Technologies is first & foremost an oilfield specialty chemical company that supplies outstanding products and services.

We have developed a complete product line for the drilling and workover segment of the oilfield. Unlike the other companies supplying chemicals, Force Chem developed many of the top selling formulations and specialty chemicals in the industry and in a relatively short period of time. Why? How?

We Aren’t Just Another Run Of The Mill Fluids Company

ForceChem set itself apart from the others by thinking and doing things ‘outside the box’. The competition already had gels, polymers, and lubricants, but unfortunately relented to a commoditized way of thinking. They really just sell commodities & raw materials. Force Chem markets ‘unique’ specialty compounds that are in a league of their own. Let’s face it, in order to grow a business we have to deliver results. In fact, we have to deliver better results than our competitors every day in order to keep growing.

While other companies market fewer product offerings because larger manufacturing batch loads equates to less cost and higher profitability. That trend needs to change. We remain a specialty company that will develop a compound based on one location – one well at a time in order to achieve the results that specializing individual applications brings.

We continually prove that profits and success follow results-oriented product development, not sales & profit-oriented product lines. What happened to the industry is that companies have force-fed one technology into every possible application…so larger batches can be produced and inventory costs can be spread into fewer compounds.

Now is the time to redevelop and revitalize the specialty chemicals industry approach to solving problems – one well…one application at a time.

Our customers more often than not stick with us because we offer high quality, unique products that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. Contact us today to find out more on our product line and how we can best fulfill your needs.

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