Force Chem Technologies offers the following grades of 2-EthylHexanol:


The streams listed below are only examples of streams that are commonly available to us.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

A fatty chiral alcohol that is used as a low volatility solvent & octane booster when mixed with certain acids.2-Ethyl Hexanol

  • (92%)  – 1 tank truck every 2 months –   N/A    2% water; 2% Ethylhexyl Acetate; <1% Sulfur; balance is other esters and alcohols; yellow color
  • (73.5% 2-EH distillation – high gravity/heavy molecular weight)  – 16 tank trucks per month  – Out of Texas    residue; 25% 2-EH; 1.5% water; yellow to brown liquid;
  • We may be able to supply 2-EH in other grades and concentrations. Contact us with your requirements.

It falls into the category of an oxo alcohol (8 carbon branched) which was once used in heavy industry as a plasticizer (used to make plastc/PVC) also known as phthalate plastic, but many government agencies globally set forth restrictions and regulations regarding its usage because of environmental effects due to disposal of plastics manufactured from 2-Ethlhexanol. Also, it’s regulation stems from negative health effects from inhalation. It’s commonly used in heavy industries and the automobile industry for enhancing the gloss in paint finishes. Another popular use is it’s integration in coatings across multiple surfaces such as wood and metal.

Heavies refers to a high specific gravity for listed product above.

2-EthylHexanol supplied by Force Chem Technologies is for non-USP industrial use only. COA (certificate of analysis) & MSDS (material safety data sheets) are supplied by request or upon order and or product delivery.

Please contact us for a quote, COA or MSDS.

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