Force Chem Technologies Provides Acetic Acid In The Following Concentrations:Acetic acid (HOAc) molecule, chemical structure

When undiluted and pure/clear, acetic acid is known as being glacial. It is used in consumer vinegar (solution) in a very diluted form. It is also present in low concentrations in some consumer cleaning products.

The streams listed below are subject to market availability.
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  • (71%) 1,200,000 lbs per year from Pittsburg, PA Co-Product;10% Acetic Anhydride; 10% Acetonitrile; 9% 2-Ethyl Hexanoic Acid; 0.2% water; clear; color
  • (76%) 6 truckloads/month  from Texas 5% Propionic Acid; 6% water; 3% salts (generally potassium iodide); amber color
  • (88%) 14 million lbs/year from Texas 4% Acrylic Acid; 4% water; 3% Isopropanol; 0.2% MIBK; <1% Toluene; Light amber to Colorless;
  • (99%) 16 tank trucks per month from Houston, TX ; 0.7% Acrylic Acid; 0.4% Ethyl Acrylate; 0.04% water; dark brown/black color
  • (99%) 4 tank trucks per month from Southeast U.S. recovered; 1% High boilers; clear and colorless (this may qualify as glacial but please inquire into its availability).
  • Acetic Acid (98%) – 3 loads per week; .5% fatty acid, .4% phenyl acetate; .3% 2-decanone; color is weak iced tea; Memphis
  • Acetic Acid (99%) – 5 tank trucks per month; 0.5% Ethyl Acrylate; 0.4% Acrylic Acid; 0.1% water; 25 APHA; Houston

Acetic acid is classified and known as a weak organic acid, but can still be hazardous to the touch when it is in it’s concentrated form. One example is that vinegar is normally composed of 3% – 9% (cleaning grade and commercial grade vinegar products go to 9%). The glacial grade of acetic acid has been common for many years and is the purest form of, but there are some calls for  it’s use in the health care industry to be discontinued due to the fact it can confused with diluted forms of the acid resulting in first and second degree burns when applied to skin. Acetic is not as commonly used in oilfield drilling applications as some other acids, such as hydrochloric acid because it is not strong enough to acidify rock formations.

Individual preferences for glacial (clear) or off-color streams are usually dependent upon customer application.

Acetic acid and raw material chemicals supplied by Force Chem Technologies is for industrial production use only. COA (certificate of analysis) & MSDS (material safety data sheets) supplied by request or upon order/delivery. Please note that this is NOT a USP grade product and not intended for any USP related process.

Please contact us for a quote or for MSDS and COA.

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