Force Chem Technologies supplies bulk acetone in the following streams and concentrations

  • 4 tank trucks via Texas U.S.A. 9% Methyl Formate; 4% Methacrylate; 3% Methyl Acetate; 2% water. While acetone is usually clear, this one has an aacetonember color/tint to it. Please keep this in mind for color sensitive applications.
  • We may be able to supply acetone in other grades and concentrations. Contact us with your requirements.

Acetone goes by the systematic name of propan-2-one and is a organic compound that is the simplest ketone. It is miscible with water and is a solvent that is commonly used for cleaning lab equipment, but is also sometimes used in various garages and shops as a paint thinner and to clean shop tools as a heavy duty degreasing agent. In some cases, it is used to condition/clean metal before applying paint. It serves as an excellent solvent for dissolving polymers, plastics, glues and epoxies prior to them setting in and hardening. It’s a popular cleaning agent and solvent to clean up fiberglass projects. Acetone is often seen in commercial applications because it may commonly be used in mechanic shops because it is effective cutting agent when mixed with automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for getting off “frozen” nuts and bolts that have seized up and do not want to loosen or move through conventional mechanical/non chemical methods.

For a quote please contact us or to request a MSDS & COA.

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