Force Chem Technologies is a supplier of calcium stearate and provides the following grades in bulk quantities.

The streams listed below are subject to market availability and may change at any time.
Please contact us to buy along with your specific needs. calcium stearate

  • Calcium Stearate Floor Sweep    42,000 lbs every 9 weeks  source is via Texas, United States   99% Calcium Stearate powder; 0.7% water; super sacks
  • Calcium Stearate, wet    42,000 lbs every 2 months source is via Texas, United States    97% Calcium Stearate powder; 3% water; super sacks
  • Technical grade calcium stearate available in supersacks
  • Prime/purer streams of Calcium stearate also available upon request – please contact us with your specific needs
  • Please take note that floor sweeps and wet forms may be subject to prior commitments or have intermittent availability as they are procured upon use


calcium stearate

Calcium stearate is carboxylate of calcium and is used in various lubricants and surfactants.It’s typically found in a white powder or cake form. It is produced when fatty acids, calcium oxides and stearic acid are heated together. It’s commonly found in households as soap scum residue as a result of being mixed with tap water as it tends to be insoluble. It is sold dry or with a mix of water (water content in our available streams is listed above). It’s used in heavy industrial applications such as concrete and cement as it serves as a way of waterproofing. Used my paper mills to give paper gloss and sheen.
Serves as a lubricant in various plastics and acts as a coloring agent.
It’s also a common additive in many formulated defoamers.
Calcium stearate is commonly used by the steel industry and other heavy calcium stearatemanufacturing because it is a main component in the manufacturing of inexpensive lubricants. The food industry may use types of calcium stearate as an anti-caking additive.

We have multiple grades of off spec calcium stearate available, but please bear in mind availability changes often. We also have pure streams available to us, both domestically and imported as we work with multiple suppliers and manufacturers

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Please contact us with any questions or pricing. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) and COA (certificate of analysis) are available upon request and or delivery.