We currently have the following quantities of Ethylene Glycol available for purchase.

The streams listed below are subject to market availability.
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ethylene glycol moleculePlease note that we only provide listed grades in bulk quantities to ensure the best pricing possible.

  • Ethylene Glycol (29%) – 5,000 gallons; balance water; unused antifreeze; Dallas, TX
  • (40%) 2 tank trucks per month Texas antifreeze line flush; balance water; Greenish/brown liquid from various colors
  • (75%)/NMP (25%) 15,000 gallons (137,700 lbs) East Coast clean, clear and colorless
  • (95%) one tank truck every 3 months via Texas U.S.A
  • Ethylene Glycol (96%) – one tank truck every 9 weeks; balance water; APHA < 30; TX
  • (98%), recycled 1 tank truck per month  EG; 0.5% water; Balance is other glycols
  • Direct from manufacturer streams available. Please contact us.

Heavy Industry Uses For Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol, an organic compound, is used in various industrial applications such as dewatering, cooling and heat transfer agents, in antifreeze, brake fluids, synthetic materials, and is a precursor to polymer production & as a hydrate inhibitor. It’s also used in the petroleum industry as a corrosion inhibitor and in hydraulic fluids used in subsea applications. It has a myriad of uses in the production of consumer grade products (various plastics, inks, etc.)

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Read about Ethylene Glycol at the CDC website
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