Force Chem Technologies supplies HCL in varying concentrations.


The streams listed below are only examples of streams that are commonly available to us.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

Our availability of HCL at various Hydrogen chloride (HCl) molecule, chemical structure.concentrations and streams/quantities is subject to change at any time.

  • (12%)  400,000 gallons per year sourced from Norfolk, VA USA 0.2% Additional details: Arsenic; light yellow to amber color.
  • (16%)  two tank trucks per month from sourced New Orleans, LA Additional detail:  co-product.
  • (26%)  three tank trucks per week via Southern U.S.A.
  • (28%)  three tank trucks per week via Southern U.S.A.
  • (30%+) Please contact us about your needs.
  • We may be able to supply HCL in other grades and concentrations. Contact us with your requirements.

Uses for Hydrochloric Acid In Industrial and Petroleum Industry Applications:

With the advent of the industrial revolution, HCL is used in the chemical industry as a chemical reagent in large scale production of materials such as: vinyl chloride, PVC (plastic), MDI & TDI as well as polyurethane. Other industrial uses include its usage in descaling and in the processing of leather. In the petro industry, HCL’s usage as a stimulation chemical in wells via injection into rocky downhole wellbore formations of oil or natural gas wells. HCL’s purpose downhole is in dissolving rock formations to enable easier drilling. When HCL is used as a stimulation chemical, it’s deemed as Oil well acidizing (or acidifying) and is a common usage of HCL in the oil industry (also known as matrix acidizing and fracture acidizing/acid fracturing.) It dissolves sediments and increases the permeability of rock formations downhole which in terms facilitates the flow of hydrocarbons such as natural gas and crude oil. Hydrochloric acid is also commonly used in pipe pickling applications and can be captured and resold as a byproduct of this use. Also goes by the name muriatic acid.

HCL from Force Chem Technologies is only intended for use by the petro industry and various heavy industrial sectors.

Please contact us for a quote or if you have any concerns or questions.

All relevant material safety data sheets (MSDS) as well as specific and relevant product data sheets are available upon request.

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