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Hydrofluoric acid

  • Hydrofluoric Acid (49%) 3 tank trucks per month via Texas U.S.A.  3 tank trucks per month; balance water

Hydrofluoric acid is a solution composed of hydrogen fluoride and H2O. Nearly all fluorine compounds are derived from this acid. It’s used in making items such as teflon coatings. It’s it’s higher concentrations, it’s highly corrosive and can dissolve materials such as oxides. It’s most commonly known for it’s glass dissolving capabilities. This is also another reason hydrofluoric acid is stored in plastic and not glass containers.

Uses for Hydrofluoric Acid In Oil Field Applications (Oil Refining, Drilling & Fracking)

It’s also commonly used by oil refineries for alkylation, which is the transfer of alkyl groups from one alkyl to another. Isobutane is commonly alkylated using low mole weight alkenes (combination of propylene and butyele) as well as a acidic catalyst like hydrofluoric acid.  This process produces reactive carbocations which in turn alkylate isobutane.

It’s not as commonly used in hydrocarbon drilling applications such as hydrochloric acid, but may be used to soften rock in a similar fashion and is often combined with HCL . This process is known as “acidizing”  and can make drilling through well formations easier. The combination can also be used to increase the permeability of formations and fractures associated with fracking, allowing hydrocarbons such as crude oil and natural gas streams to flow more easily deep below the ground.

NOTICE: This is NOT USP grade and is not intended for associated uses and applications.

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