Force Chem Technologies has varying concentrations of isopropyl alcohol

The streams listed below are subject to market availability and may change at any time.
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Isopropanol alcohol

  • IPA (84%) 1 tank truck ever 6 weeks Rocky Mountains, CO U.S.A. 16% water; APHA < 10
  • IPA (98%) 1 tank truck per month Arkansas 2% N,N-Dimethyl-2-aminoethanol (CAS 108-01-0); .03% water; APHA <5; has an odor;
  • IPA/Methanol 3 tank trucks per month Philadelphia, PA 65% IPA; 14% Methanol; 19% Water; 5% 2-methyl-2-Butanol; 2% Cyclohexane; 0.3% Ammonia; Ammonia odor
  • IPA (99.8%) – 2 tank trucks per month; .1% Ethanol; .05% Propanol; .02% water; clear & colorless; NY
  • IPA (99.1%) – 1 tank truck every 8 weeks; 0.7% water; .1% Methanol; .1% PGME; 0.1% Toluene; 7 APHA; Midwest
  • IPA (98.1%) – 1 tank truck every 6 weeks; 0.6% water; .2% MEK; .2% Ethanol; .3% Methanol; .6% Toluene; 4 APHA; Midwest
  • Various grades of off spec available. Please contact us .
  • IPA in varying grades direct from manufacturer. High purity. Please contact us with your needs.

Derivative of propylene. Also goes by 2-propanol. Isopropyl alcohol is often used as a solvent for cleaning purposes. It’s especially handy in applications dissolving oil. When paired with methanol and n-butanol it becomes an alcohol solvent. IPA dries completely and quickly, making it an ideal solution for cleaning sensitive electronics such as circuit boards, discs, electronic tape, optical lenses, optical fibers, optical discs. and other various types of electronics and memory storage devices that are sensitive to corrosive substances and moisture. Is often paired with glycerin in many hand sanitizers and acts as the sanitizing agent due to its inherent ability to kill many types of bacteria, viruses and germs. Can also be used to hydrogenate acetone. Is often used to clean off thermal pastes and compounds used to adhere and conduct heat from microprocessors to heat sinks. In the specialty petrochemical industry, it is used in the production of Xanthan gels and similar drilling lubricants and viscosifiers composed of xanthan. Isopropyl alcohol is often purchased in bulk (very large quantities) for use in various manufacturing and heavy industries.

Material safety data sheets and a certificate of analysis available upon request. Please contact us for stream availability.


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