Force Chem Technologies supplies the following grades & streams of bulk methanol:

Also known as methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits and is a byproduct of the distillation of wood. Please continue reading for more information on available streams.

The streams listed below are subject to prior commitments and market availaiblity.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

  • (88%) 6 tank trucks per month via North Alabama U.S.A. – 6% water; 3.5% Ethylene Glycol; 1.7% 1,3-Dioxolane,2-Methyl-; clear and colorless; slight ether odor.
  • Methanol (88%) – 6 tank trucks per month; 6% water; 3.5% Ethylene Glycol; 1.7% 1,3-Dioxolane,2-Methyl-; clear and colorless; slight ether odor; North AL
  • Methanol (99.98%) – 3 tank trucks per month; 0.01% Acetone; 0.01% water; clear and colorless; Northeast
  • Methanol (99%) – 1 tank truck per month; 1% water; 3 APHA; New Orleans
  • Methanol/Amines, wet 4 tank trucks per month out of Houston, TX U.S.A. – 24% water; 20% Methanol; 19% N-Methyl-N-(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl)-aminoethanol (CAS 2212-32-0); 17% Morpholine (CAS 110-91-8); 17% 4-Morpholinepropanamine (CAS 123-00-2); 4% other Amines; amber liquid
  • Methanol/THF Solvent Mix 1 tank truck per month via Houston, Texas United States of America – 67% Methanol; 16% THF; 8% Hexane; 5% Allyl Chloride; 4% Allyl Methyl Ether; 1,000 ppm water; clear and colorless to very slight color.

Methanol also goes by wood naphtha by many other names. It’s the simplest known alcohol and is flammable with an odor similar to ethanol, which is basically like saying it smells like drinking alcohol, but drinking it can destroy the optic nerve and cause permanent blindness. It can be used as an antifreeze, a solvent or a fuel source. It can also denature other chemicals. It’s commonly used to denature ethanol and is thus a component of unleaded gasoline that comprises of 10%-15% ethanol.

Methanol supplied by Force Chem Technologies is for industrial use only. COA (certificate of analysis) & MSDS (materials safety data sheets) supplied by request or upon order/delivery. Please note that the methanol we provide is NOT a USP grade product. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please view our other raw materials which are available in bulk streams.

Please contact us for a quote or with any concerns or questions in regard to methanol streams.

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