Force Chem Technologies has the following streams of mineral oil available in bulk quantities

The streams listed below are subject to market availability.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

  • Mineral Oil 2 tank trucks per month N/A 45% Hydrotreated Light Distillate (CAS 64742-47-8); 45% Petroleum Distillates (CAS 64742-65-0); 10% Light bulk mineral oilAromatics; clear, colorless to light yellow USA in origin.
  • Mineral Oil, recovered 20,000 gallons Midwest U.S.A. < 2 ppm PCB mineral oil recovered from industrial transformers; clear amber yellow color; via USA.
  • On demand manufacturer and other off-spec streams may be available. Please contact us.
  • We also have alternative streams such as olefin available.

It is commonly used in transformers where it is often referred to as transformer oil. It acts as a insulator and a coolant as it’s non-conductive. Electric space heater may use it as a heat transfer oil. It’s also a common component of hydraulic fluid because it is not compressible. Certain grades of mineral oil are also used as a transformer oil in high voltage transformers for it’s non-electrically conductive and passive cooling properties. If interested in transformer oil, please visit the hyperlinked page on this product description for stream availability. For our master list, click here.

Material safety data sheets and a certificate of analysis available upon request. Please contact us for stream availability. Please bare in mind these are NOT USP grade mineral oil streams and are not intended for uses associated with that designation.


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