Force Chem Technologies supplies the following streams of mineral spirits

The streams listed below are subject to market availability.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

  • Mineral Spirits (99%) –  1 to 2 tank trucks per month; used, filtered, dewatered; dark brown color
  • Mineral Spirits (98.2%) – 1 tank truck every 6 weeks; 0.8% Xylenes;0.5% Perchloroethyene; 0.3% water; 0.2 Toluene; clear and colorless; Texarkana
  • Mineral Spirits (99%) – 1 tank truck every 6 weeks; used, filtered, dewatered; brown liquid; Baton Rouge
  • Prime streams available from manufacturer or import. Please inquire.

Mineral spirits have gone by many names throughout the years. It’s been called, among other names: mineral turpentine, turpentine substitute, petroleum spirits, solvent naphtha (petroleum), Varsol, Stoddard solvent. The common name for it in Britain and Europe (the old name) is called “White spirit”. It’s commonly used as a paint thinner in cleaning many brushes after applying paints (similar to naphtha). It’s a common additive in lacquers and varnishes in some countries and parts of the world. It’s frequently paired with lubricants in machine shops as a cutting fluid for it’s lubricating properties. Some over the counter fuel additives that claim to clean engine build up and deposits are partially composed of mineral spirits.  It also goes by the name of solvent naphtha and shares many of the associated uses of that are accompanying that product. The stream listed above is a used stream (thus the off color). If you are looking for a clear or virgin stream, please contact us.

Material safety data sheets and certificate of analysis available upon request. Please contact us for stream availability.

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