Force Chem Technologies offers bulk streams of n-Butanol in the following concentrations

The streams listed below are subject to market availability. Please contact us with your specific needs.


  • n-Butanol (96%) 1 tank truck every 6 weeks Houston, TX U.S.A 2% Isobutanol; 0.3% water; APHA color is 30
  • n-Butanol (96.3%, off color) 1 tank truck every 6 weeks Houston, TX U.S.A. 1.43% Heavies; 0.13% water; 80 APHA
  • Butanol Distillates (C4-C8), light and wet – 6 loads per month; 40% n-Butanol; 24% water; 23% 2-EH; balance other butanols and alcohols; by-layered lquid; Houston

Used as a solvent to extract essential oils. It’s solvent properties are often used for paints, coatings, alkaloids, dyes, synthetic and natural resins as well as camphor. It’s used to swell textiles and is often a used to manufacture hydraulic brake fluid. It’s common found in many cleaners and degreasers. It’s also used on occasion as a wood treating agent. While these available streams are NOT USP grade, some grades of n-butanol are used as an artificial sweetener as it is derived from fermentation processes but is also naturally occurring in some foods and beverages. It’s common in many alcoholic beverages and is believed to be one of the culprits behind hangovers.  In conclusion, N-butanol is a versatile substance used in a wide variety of applications ranging from the food industry to industrial manufacturing and associated uses.

Please contact us with your specific needs.

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