Force Chem Technologies offers the following bulk stream of Naphtha

The streams listed below are subject to market availability. We will endeavour to locate a stream that meets your criteria.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

  • Naphtha with Vinyl Acetate co-product 3 tank trucks per month Midwest U.S.A. 97% Naphtha, Heavy Hydrotreated (CAS 64742-48-9); 3% Vinyl Acetate; bulk-naphthayellow liquid; acetate odor
  • Other streams available upon request.

Naphtha is a generic term that has actually been used for thousands of years and generally means a mixture of flammable liquid hydrocarbons. It can be derived from natural gas streams as a condensate and petroleum distillates. It’s also the product of distillation via coal tars and peat. It also is goes by mineral spirits in some circles and formulations and shares the same usages and applications. It is commonly used as a quick drying paint thinner to prevent spray-on oil based paints from running. It’s also used to thin varnishes and enamels. In heavy industry, it’s used in the thinning of industrial maintenance coatings. If you wish to read more about naphtha and it’s uses, visit the external resources listed below or feel free to click on the mineral spirits hyperlink on this page’s product description to read more.

Vinyl acetate is an important component in furniture glue. It can be mixed with other chemical catalysts such as acetic acid to create other chemical compounds.

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