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Stearic acid

  • Stearic Acid by-product 2 tank trucks per month via Texas in U.S.A. 94% distillation Residue (CAS 72480-57-0); 4% Ash; 0.8% Nickel (CAS 7440-02-0); 1% Water; 0.09% Sulfur; pour pt 120F; Dark Brown solid

A fatty acid that also goes by the name octadecanoic acid. It typically has waxy and solid physical characteristics and its chemical formula is CH3(CH2)16CO2H. It’s commonly extracted via the lipids of animals and plant oils.

Stearic Acid Industrial Uses

It’s commonly used to create lubricants and in surfactants as a softening agent. It’s can be mixed with caustic soda when heated for various industrial uses such as the textile industry or producing tires for the car industry. Another common use is making plaster castings. Stearic acid is a negative plate additive in lead acid batteries during the dry charging process before the electrolyte is added to the battery (sulfuric acid). It also used as by some lead acid battery manufacturers as a negative plate additive in car batteries, which aids in the dry charging capability of due to it’s water resistant properties (this is before the sulfuric acid electrolyte is added to the battery).

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