Force Chem Technologies Offers The Following Bulk Streams of Transformer Oil, recycled (no PCBs)


The streams listed below are only examples of streams that are commonly available to us.
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bulk Transformer oil

  • Transformer Oil, recycled (no PCBs*) 3 tank trucks per month Midwest U.S.A. mineral oil with < 2ppm PCB’s; amber yellow color;

Transformer oil is also known as insulating oil and is a ultra refined, high-temperature stable mineral oil that has an electrical insulating feature. It’s commonly used in high voltage transformers and supercapacitors as well as some higher watt fluorescent lamp ballasts as well as high voltage switches and circuit breakers. In addition to preventing or suppressing arcing, transformer oil acts as a coolant and is known as a passive cooling mechanism for transformers. Fatty acids are sometimes used as replacements when high-temperature transformers call for a oil or fluid that has a higher flash point. This product also falls under the category of a temperature transfer oil.

*Polychlorinated biphenyl are not environmentally friendly as they do not break down in the environment and are not classified as biodegradable. While occurrence in transformer oil is common, it’s generally acceptable so long as the parts per million are kept below 5 million.

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