Glycerin Molecule

We Offer The Following Grades of Glycerin in Bulk Quantities

Also called glycol, glycerine or glycerol. It is used in multiple industrial and oilfield applications. Please read below for more information on the various grades of bulk liquid glycerin products that we supply. Please check the ingredient listings below.


The streams listed below are only examples of streams that are commonly available to us.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

Technical Grade

Technical grade contains little to no contaminants as they have been removed.

  • Tech Grade  – 360,000 lbs per month; >99.5% Pure; clear and colorless and is the purest grade we supply; rail cars or tank trucks.

Sub Tech Grade

A high-quality crude glycerin. Derived from corn oil biodiesel process that is fine-tuned to produce it, but, it is not refined further. Viable substitute for Tech Grade in a production application where color is not critical. Suitable for most research purposes.

  • (97%) – 1 tank truck every 3 weeks; 2% MONG; 0.6% water; APHA 38 –
  • (98.85%) – 90,000 lbs; clear and colorless, APHA < 10; good odor; Located in Southeast U.S. – Crude grade (Stream availability is subject to prior commitment.)

Crude Grade

Crude glycerin may contain water, sulfates, methanol, methyl esters, fatty acids & ash. Glycerol content varies up to 90% and is a byproduct of biodiesel chemical processes.

  • (86%) – 20 tank trucks or 5 railcars per month; moisture: 6.6% water; 3.6% Sulfate; 0.5% Methanol; 0.3% Methyl Esters; pH 7.4; mixed feedstock; Located in Texarkana
  • (82%) – 2 tank trucks per month; 11% water; 6% ash; .2% Fatty Acid; 0.05% Methanol; mixed feedstock
  • (80%) – 6 tank trucks per month; 16% water; 4% Ash; 0.01% Methanol; mixed feedstock; Located in Gulf Coast

Pitch Grade

Pitch grade is usually defined as being darker in color. In this case, this pitch grade glycerin is derived from tallow feedstock sources.

  • (89-97%) ; 3-7% Ash; < 4% MONG; < 0.8% water; < 0.01% Methanol; tallow feedstock; 6 tank trucks per month;  Located in Texarkana U.S.A.


Glycerol was originally used as an ingredient in antifreeze before being replaced by ethylene glycol  because of the fact ethylene glycol has a lower freezing point than glycerin. However, due to the hazardous toxic side effects of ethylene glycol when consumed, it is once again being considered as an additive for anti-freeze. It is also a common component of hand sanitizers where it is frequently paired with isopropyl alcohol.

Raw materials supplied by Force Chem Technologies is for industrial production use only. COA & MSDS supplied by request or upon order/delivery.

To buy or obtain a relevant MSDS & COA please contact us for a quote or with any product questions.

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