We have overhauled our Petrochemicals (raw materials and commodities)

Force Chem Technologies is constantly aiming to give our customers a comprehensive and complete listing of products on our site. We launched our bulk petrochemicals and raw materials section of our website earlier this year. After some testing, we found it in everyone’s best interest to streamline our product offerings for raw materials to strictly bulk […]

Examples of Bioremediation & Remediation Products Used To Clean Up Oil Spills

Oil spills in the in drilling and production industry are inevitable.  They may range from a minor spill to full blown accidents resulting in major oil contamination. While there are numerous methods of remediation available, it’s important to select environmentally sound solutions to remediate oil spills. Force Chem Technologies offers several methods of remediation and bioremediation […]

Embrace Force Chem Technologies Drilling Fluids and Save Money In Your Rig Operations

With the recent price collapse of oil, companies are looking to streamline operations and restructure their operations all in the name of cost savings. Part of this movement is embracing new technologies that enable operations to run not only more smoothly, but also add to the bottom line in the form of cost savings through cutting […]