completion & workover fluids at work in pumpSuperior Completion and Workover Fluids Based On Advanced Tech

Our completion fluids will keep your downhole operations running smoothly and free of formation damage prior to well production. Force Chem Technologies completion fluids pack more punch vs. the leading competing brands with significantly lower consumption and superior performance. Our workover fluids compliment our other product lines and we aim to tailor our products to solve all workover rig issues all while ensuring cost savings that save on the bottom line costs associated with oil wells and completions services.

Force Chem Product Line

Force K-Chlor Sub KCL substitute – top performing KCl substitute used at half the rates of competitive compounds based on polyquats that prevent formation damage during downhole operations. Excellent clay stabilizer. Application ratio is SUPERIOR to competing brands. Significantly superior vs. actual KCL 3%, 15%, 30% & enables users to get away from KCL brine water. One tote is more affordable than 130 barrels of KCL water. Especially with transportation and freight issues associate with KCL water. Also utilizes considerably less storage space versus traditional KCL water brines.

ForceFoam 935 Foamer – Low use rate foamer for drilling and completion work – designed for iron and calcium control and stability coupled with a long foam half-life with water retention that rivals no other compound.

ForceDFoam 975 AntiFoam – Antifoam/Defoamer Concentrate. Our Defoamers work in both oil and water soluble applications.

ForcePac 240 Packer Fluid – Packer fluid inhibitor based on oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitor, and polyqats that prevent sessile biological growth in the annular space to provide protection for well packers, downhole equipment, tubing and casing. One 55 gallon drum treats 100 – 200 barrels of water depending on water source and downhole conditions.

We also provide a line of cleaners, production chemicals, drilling lubricants and raw materials.

For more info on our workover fluids or with any questions please contact us for a consultation or product quote. We will work with your engineer to provide you with an appropriate solution.

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