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ForcePac 240 Packer Fluid Corrosion Inhibitor

Force Chem Technologies ForcePac 240 is a packer fluid composed of combinatorial chemistry consisting of filming amines, cationic surfactants, quaternary disinfectants, and an oxygen scavenger. This outstanding hydrostatic and annular space fluid inhibitor concentrate was designed to treat any annular space corrosion due to numerous, entrained corrosive gases or via microbial contamination by removing the source of their attack. This packer fluid also applies a long-lasting film to all metal surfaces contacted and will lengthen the effective life of any pipeline, casing, and tubing for additional years in contrast, to competitive compounds. ForcePac 240 is our most popular packer fluid in our completion fluids line up.

ForcePac 240 is a concentrated chemistry designed to be blended in brines or freshwater at a rate between 55 gallons per 100 to 400 barrels of fluid, depending on the application. This outstanding product surpasses all major oil company in house lab tests and prolongs the service life of tubulars. Also outperforms competing brands of packer fluids.


packer-fluidHydrostatic & Annular Space Corrosion Inhibitor Advantages

  • Excellent performance in a wide range of brines and contaminants present; multipurpose corrosion inhibitor.
  • Effectively removes and reduces corrosion contaminants; oxygen and biomass removal.
  • Removes and prevents microbiological cell site formation; eliminating under deposit corrosion due to bio-film acetate acid formation.
  • Independent lab tests indicate ForcePac 240 is a highly effective, multitasking, corrosion inhibitor.
  • Thermally stable down-hole (>350°F) in annular space environments.

packer-fluid-corrision-inhibitorApplication Of ForcePac

  • Excellent results have been achieved  in packer fluid systems with a rate of one 55 gallon drum of  ForcePac 240 per 100 – 125 barrels of fluid (1.0 – 1.3% by  volume).
  • Hydro-static Testing: ForcePac 240 should be applied at a rate  of one 55 gallon drum per 300 barrels of brine or fresh water  (0.25 – 0.5% by volume).  Well System Pickling: ForcePac 240 can also be used to pickle well systems, pipelines, gathering systems, and flow  lines; apply the rate of one 55 gallon drum per 100 – 200  barrels of fluid (0.65 – 1.3%).
  • Well System Pickling: ForcePac 240 can also be used to pickle well systems, pipelines, gathering systems, and flow  lines; apply the rate of one 55 gallon drum per 100 – 200 barrels of fluid (0.65 – 1.3%).









For 2-1 inhibitor solutions that mitigate corrosion and scale issues, please look at ForceHib corrosion and scale inhibitors.


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