Our Corporate Headquarters address is 200A Burgess Dr. Broussard, LA 70508

Here are our other locations city and state
Houston, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Cleburne, TX
Kilgore, TX
Bridgeville, PA
Midland, TX
Kenedy, TX
Towanda, PA

Please contact us at the information below. Our cleaners, completion fluids, production chemicals and drilling fluids come packed in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. Please let us know the quantity, application and destination address if possible. Email us at websales@forcechemtech.test-depot.info or call 337.354.2350 with your inquiry.

Minimum order requirements:
  • Use the form below for specialty chemicals (cleaners, completion, production, drilling) minimum order guidelines: for 5 gallon pails will be 16 pails (half a pallet), or one 55 gallon drum or one 275 gallon tote.

If you found this page looking for a quote for one of our items listed under the raw materials section, please use this form.


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Surplus ChemicalsForceBeads GX Glass BeadsForceBeads PX Polymer BeadsForceBreak Emulsion BreakerForceCet PH Carboxylic Acid-based pH Adjustment CompoundForceClean Rig washForceClean X2 Double concentrated ForceCleanForceDFoam Anti FoamerForceFluids D Series cross-linked acrylamide polymerForceFluids PA PolyAcrylamide FluidForceFoam FoamerForceFree Drilling LubricantForceGel HT Xanthan GelForceGlide Pipe on Pipe LubricantForceHib Corrosion InhibitorForceK-Chlor Sub KCL SubstituteForcePac Packer FluidForcePenadrill Cement Plug Busting LubricantForceScav Oxygen ScavengerForceScav Triazine H2S ScavengerForceSolve 2X Double concentrated ForceSolveForceSolve Frac tank soapForceSolve LF Low foaming ForceSolveForceSolve OS Oil Based Force SolveForceSurf Scale-X Scale InhibitorForceSurf XLR-8 Injectivity EnhancerForceTas PH Potassium-based pH Adjustment CompoundHEC-Force Hydroxyethyl Cellulose GelHydraForce Hydrate InhibitorParaForce Paraffin SolventXan-Force Liquid Xanthan Gel