drilling chemicals
Force Chem Technologies offers an extensive line of drilling chemicals. The list below provides a sort-able synopsis of our portfolio of products with links to descriptions and pertinent data sheets. We will continue to add products as research and development efforts grow. Many of our products have dozens and sometimes even hundred of variants not listed here. We also offer customized chemicals on a per job/drill basis.

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CategoryProduct NameDescriptionTechnical Specifications SDS - Safety Data Sheets
DrillingForceLooBeasy-to-mix lubricant for directional drilling and reducing drag during completion and coiled tubing operations. NAClick here.
CleanerForceClean DGConcentrated Cleaner/Degreaser & Degassing Compound
Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Compound (No Foam)
NAClick here.
CleanerForceClean Rig Wash & DegreaserConcentrated, Water Soluble Degreaser & Cleaner for Oily Rigs & Multipurpose Cleaning Onsite NAClick here.
CleanerForceClean X2Double Concentrated ForceCleanNAContact us
CleanerForceSolve Frac Tank Cleaner and DegreaserHeavy Duty Soap Based Emulsion CleanerNAClick here.
CleanerForceSolve 2XDouble Concentrate of ForceSolveNAContact us
CleanerForceSolve LFForceSolve with Low Foaming Compound (Anti‐foam Additive)NAContact us
CleanerForceSolve OSHeavy Duty Oil Based Cleaner NAContact us
CleanerForceWash Heavy Duty Industrial DegreaserHeavy Duty Industrial DegreaserNAContact us
CompletionForceDFoam 975 Antifoam/Defoamer ConcentrateOil Soluble/Water Miscible Siloxane Defoamer/Antifoam – Highly Effective
for Frothy Foam Returns or Foamy Oils.
NAContact us
CompletionForceDFoam 977Excellent Water Dispersible Emulsion Siloxane Defoamer/Antifoam for Use During Projects – Low Use RatesNAContact Us.
CompletionForceFoam 935 Premium Foaming AgentWell Service Foaming Agent with an Extra Long Half‐Life, Heat & Oily Solids Stable – Use 0.5 –2.5% As NeededClick here.Click here.
CompletionStableForce Sub 565 KCl Substitute – Clay & Shale StabilizerKCl Replacement – Clay and Shale Stabilizer Used at the rate of 5 gals. Per 100 Barrels of Water to Replace KCl‐3% Solution.Click here.Click here.
CompletionStableForce Sub 569Semi‐Permanent Clay and Shale Stabilizer Used as a KCl Extender Additive and Formation Repair in Well Service Projects.NAContact us
CompletionForcePac 240 Packer Fluid – Hydrostatic & Annular Space Corrosion InhibitorPacker Fluid Corrosion Inhibitor Package that Exceeds & Passes all Oil Co. Tests; Use 1 drum per 100 Barrels WaterClick here.Click here.
DrillingGraphiteBeads GX Glass Drilling BeadsSuspended Spherical Glass Beads (not ground glass like others) in ForceGel HTNAClick here.
DrillingGraphiteBeads PX Polymer Drilling BeadsSuspended Cross‐linked Poly Beads in ForceGel HT for Superior LubricationNAClick here.
DrillingSlickForce 1100
“Slick Water” Polymer for Use in Coiled Tubing and Well Bore Applications Involving Moderate Chloride Brines – Universal UseClick here.Click here.
DrillingSlickForce 1102A“Slick Water” Polymer for Use in Coiled Tubing and Well Bore Applications Involving Mixed Chloride & Higher Brines -Universal.Click here.Click here.
DrillingSlickForce 1102C“Slick Water” Polymer for Use in Coiled Tubing and Well Bore Applications Involving Mixed Chloride, Bromides, the Highest Brine Waters Problem Solver in the Unknown.Click here.Click here.
DrillingForceFluids PAExtra High Molecular Weight Liquid Emulsion Polymerization of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide for Shale StabilizationNAContact us
Drilling ForceGel Drilling LubricantSuper Concentrated, High Temp Stable Lube for Use During Drilling or Completion Projects to Reduce Torque & Friction.Click here.Click here.
DrillingForceGel HT Xanthan Drilling GelHigh Temp Stabilized, Cross‐Linked Liquid Polysaccharide Xanthan with 3.75 lbs./galClick here.Click here.
DrillingForceGlide Pipe-on-Pipe Drag and Differential Sticking LubricantSuper Concentrated, High Temp Stable Lube aka “Pipe on Pipe” to Mitigate Sticking.Click here.Click here.
DrillingForcePenadrill Cement Busting Drilling LubricantSuper Concentrated, High Temp Stable Lubricant Designed for High Compressive Strength Cement Drill Out.Click here.Contact us
DrillingForcePenadrill HC Super Concentrated, High Temp Stable Lubricant Designed for High Compressive Strength Cement Drill Out in High Calcium Chloride Cements Used in Winter.NAContact Us
DrillingForcePenadrill XCR
Surfactant Intermediate Base. Designed to be for Used “On the Fly”. NAContact Us
DrillingHEC-Force Liquid Viscosifier Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose GelA non-ionic high molecular weight hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HEC) designed specifically to enhance the rheological properties of water-based and polyvalent brine fluids.
Click here.Contact Us>
DrillingForceGel XVE (Liquid Xanthan Gel)ForceGel XVE – L is a high purity xanthan gum biopolymer suspended in environmentally friendly synthetic oil. Xan-Force – L is used in a variety of oilfield applications including rheology modification, friction reduction, and coiled tubing operationsClick here.Click here.>
ProductionCoolGuard RTU
Closed System Antifreeze & Corrosion Inhibitor Compound
Jacketed Vessels, Cooling Systems, Antifreeze Systems
NAContact Us>
ProductionForceBreak EB-727 Demulsifer & Emulsion BreakerDemulsifier for Water in Oil Emulsion Treatment.NAClick here>
ProductionForceCet PH
Carboxylic Acid‐based pH Adjustment Compound for Drilling & Wastewater Use.NAContact Us.
ProductionForceScav HS 420 Triazine H2S ScavengerHydrogen Sulfide Scavenger for Water Based Systems to Scavenge and Convert H2S to Safe, Non‐Solid Byproduct Corrosion Inhibitor; 6 ppm Removes 1 ppm H2S. NAClick here.
ProductionForceScav OS 477 Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger for Water Based Systems to Avoid Oxidation of Fluids and Accelerated Corrosion; 8 ppm Removes 1 ppm O2.NAContact Us.
ProductionForceSurf Scale-XSWD (Salt Water Disposal)NAClick here.
ProductionForceSurf XLR-8 Concentrated Injectivity Additive Saltwater Disposal Pressure Reducer/Injectivity ImproverSWD (Salt Water Disposal)NAContact Us.
ProductionForceTas PH
Potassium‐based pH Adjustment Compound for Drilling & Wastewater Use NAContact Us.
ProductionParaForce 2033 Paraffin & Asphaltene Dispersant, Inhibitor & SolventParaffin & Asphaltene Dispersant for Well Bore, Surface, Gathering, & Pipeline SystemsNAClick here.
ProductionForceBreak TBDemulsifier for Tank Bottom Treatment.NAContact Us.
ProductionHydraForce 2263Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitor NAContact Us.
ProductionForceHib CI-104 Multipurpose Corrosion Inhibitor for Pipeline
Systems with Water or Emulsion Intrusion
NAContact Us.
ProductionForceHib CI-293Water Soluble Film-Persistent Production System Corrosion InhibitorNAContact Us.
ProductionForceHib SI-503Scale Inhibitor for Broad Spectrum Anti-DepositionNAContact Us.
ProductionForceHib SI-515 Scale Inhibitor for Broad Spectrum Anti-DepositionNAContact Us.
ProductionForceHib SC-630 Combination Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Production, Gathering Systems, Disposal, and Waterfloods NAContact Us.
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