drilling fluids

Advanced Mud Additives For Unparalleled Drilling Performance

drilling fluids
Force Chem Drilling fluid lubricants are second to none.

Force Chemical Technologies has developed and manufactured industry-leading gels, polymers (based off of nano-technology) and lubricants that are revolutionizing the oilfield and energy industry. Our products are not like the competitors commodities but are in fact unique, specially developed drilling fluids that will enhance your directional & horizontal drilling efforts because they withstand far higher temperatures and pressures than any competing products in the industry to date. Force drilling fluids compliment raw materials used in drilling mud such as the mineral barite (aka bayrite) and the clays bentonite and attapulgite (aka palygorskite) & are compatible with various types of water and oil based drilling mud system setups.

Our products are different from competitors – We listened to our customers and developed using newer technologies and are specifically tested and designed with drilling challenges in mind. Our drilling fluids are on the bleeding edge of current fluids technology – We don’t take a commodity fluids and shove them into all applications but instead have fined tuned our product line. While our array of products can be applied to a board range of drilling applications, they are also specifically designed to handle certain drilling problems and enhance drilling mud performance in every type of shale formation.

ForceChemTech’s Line Of Next Generation Lubricants:

Lubricants serve multiple purposes in drilling and well applications. First, lubricants cool and move heat away from the drill bit at the bottom of the hole. and the entire pipe string. Secondly, they reduce associated torque and drag on the pipe. Without lubricants, drilling operations would fail early and often because of heat and stress on the bit, mud motor and hydraulic pumps. Force Chem lubricants offer superior coefficient of friction ratings compared to competing products.

            • ForceFree HP/HT Drilling Fluid Lubricant
              drilling fluids
              Force Chem Drilling fluids protect drill bit integrity.

              Highly complex lubricant designed specifically to speed drilling by reducing torque and lubricating at the high compressive point of the drill bit to formation contact.  When added to or applied on high compressible strength cement drill outs, penetration speeds are increased by 200– 400% while avoiding bit failure. Is also thermally stable to>400°F and is a non-regulated lubricant. Ideally suited for all drilling applications as it enables faster drilling through hard rock formations.

            • ForceGlide Pipe Friction reducer

              – A companion to our ForceFree drilling lubricant and formerly known as ForceGlide is a highly complex, water dispersing, pipe on pipe lubricant designed specifically to reduce frictional resistance (drag) encountered with coiled tubing, drill out, and completion operations in horizontal wellbores and pipe strings. Field and lab tested for lubrication coefficient results based on the surface to surface drag apparatus at the equivalent forces of 5,000 psi it outperformed every competitive compound applied. Compatible in water, and oil based muds and fluid systems.

            • Force Fluids D-1020 Series polymeric lubricants 

              – proprietary cross-linked acrylamide friction reduction polymer compounds. ‘Slick Water’ polymers for use in coiled tubing and well bore applications involving mixed chloride (typically seen in an offshore rig.) Developed to enhance application efficacy due to system application variances the various applications depending on brine levels mono-, di-, or multivalent ion levels, as well as levels of solids – both dissolved or suspended in fluid.

            • ForcePenadrill series cement plug busting lubricant

              – specialty lubricants for cement drill out and tough drilling conditions – now becoming a standard in cement drill outs and known in Eagle Ford as “The Cement Buster”.

            • ForceFluids PA  (PolyAcrylamide) Fluid

              Extra High Molecular Weight Liquid Emulsion Polymerization of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide for Shale Stabilization and prilled poly beads for multiple drilling and completion gelling operations.

            • ForcePenadrill HC (High Compressive) Lubricant

              Super Concentrated, High Temp Stable Lubricant Designed for High Compressive Strength Cement Drill Out in High Calcium Chloride Cements Used in Winter.

            • ForcePenadrill XCR

              Surfactant Intermediate Base. Designed to be for Used “On the Fly”.

            • FNC 637 Nonionic Mud Lubricant

              Water soluble medium molecular weight nonionic lubricant for use in water based mud systems utilizing makeup waters from fresh to salt water. Borehole stabilizer that produces thin, slick & tough filter cake. Torque reduction along drill string in slim hole & directional drilling at higher RPMs. Low free point makes it ideal for winter use.

            • ForceFluid 643 Anionic Emulsion Polymer

              Anionic version of 637. Emulsion polymer. Used in fresh & salt water systems. Useful as a filtrate reducer and well bore hole stabilizer. Provides excellent torque reduction in higher RPM slim-hole or narrow annular directional drilling applications. Low freeze point.

            • ForceFluid 648 High PSI Fluid Lubricant

              Oil soluble high-pressure drilling fluid lubricant that is composed of surfactants. Forms a film on all metal surfaces and is stable under pressures of thousands of psi. Excellent torque reduction is realized in slim hole and directional drilling which permits higher RPM.

Sweep Away Cuttings With Force Chem Technologies Viscosifiers:

Viscosifiers serve to suspend and sweep away cuttings, as well as shavings from the bottom of the hole, while drilling. Proper mud viscosity prevents shavings from settling at the bottom, which hinders drilling operations.

            • ForceGel HT Xanthan Gel (Gum) drilling fluid

              Top selling compound – High temperature & pressure stable, cross-linked polysaccharide concentrated gelling agent based on proprietary biopolymers & xanthan gums.

            • HEC-Force (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Gel)

              Viscosity increasing polymer that is a non-ionic high molecular weight hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC)
              designed specifically to enhance the rheological properties of water-based and polyvalent brine

            • Xan-Force (Liquid Xanthan Gel)

              Xan-Force – L is a high purity xanthan gum biopolymer suspended in environmentally friendly
              synthetic oil for superior viscosity. Xan-Force – L is used in a variety of oilfield applications including rheology
              modification, friction reduction and coiled tubing operations.

Put Our High Pressure, High Temperature (HP/HT) Fluid Additives To The Test

              • Force Glide & Force Free Fluids outperform every tested competitive chemistry to date
              • Handles Temps in excess of 400 Degrees F
              • Handle Pressures into thousands of PSI
              • Enables 2X – 4X Faster drilling – Ideal for turnkey jobs

Please note that we also carry specialty additives such as cleaning chemicalscompletion fluids and production chemicals which compliment our lubricants and viscosifiers. Our chemicals well help preserve equipment life and avoid damage.

Force Completion Fluids

  • Advanced chemical additives that inhibit corrosion of downhole parts
  • assist with clay stabilization to prevent formation damage caused by swelling of the clay.
  • Packer fluids that maintain well packers.
  • Foamers and defoamers.
  • Additives that stabilize mud integrity

Force Production Chemicals

Chemical solutions that:

  • Remediate h2s build up in drilling, completion and production wells.
  • 2-1 solutions that prevent scale build up and corrosion from taking hold (inhibitors) in both land and sea.
  • Emulsion breakers that separate oil and water, improving porosity in saltwater and freshwater brines.
  • Hydrate inhibitors that maintain flow assurance in pipelines and systems
  • Industry first biodegradable asphaltene/paraffin inhibitor, dispersant and solvent
  • Closed System Antifreeze & Corrosion Inhibitor Compounds for Jacketed Vessels, Cooling Systems, Antifreeze Systems
  • Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger for Water Based Systems to Avoid Oxidation of Fluids and Accelerated Corrosion
  • Carboxylic Acid‐based pH and Potassium‐based pH Adjustment Compounds for Drilling & Wastewater Use.

Force Cleaners

Cleaners that utilize foaming and nonfoaming surfactants with corrosion inhibition properties.

Ongoing and Future Projects

We research and employ techniques such as specialty turbine agitators relating to the creation of polymeric gel development & yield for water re-usage as well as flocculation and in drilling and workover applications.

Steam & high temperature water traced systems for use primarily in the multiple shale plays across the United States where water reuse areas  require heating the fluid with chemicals for the break.
Ground breaking Drilling Lubricants Based On Bleeding Edge Technology

Contact us today to order and let your drilling and oil company mud engineers find out for themselves on your  rigs & wells. Our customers realize significant cost savings when using our mud additives in their system versus competing brands. Your engineer may use our products to replace your current line of additives. Your mud will last longer and endure higher temperature plus higher pressures all leading to a more productive experience while adding to your bottom line.

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