Force Fluids D Series polymer lubricant

drag reducing agent

ForceFluids D-1020 Series Drag Reducing Polymer Drilling Lubricant

SlickForce FR Series is a group of polymeric friction and drag reducers designed for utilization in coiled tubing, drilling, and hydraulic fracturing applications. The co-polymer emulsion chemistry has a unique dispersion package that enhances its rate of miscibility in water or brine solutions, which provides fast differential pressure reduction.  Proprietary cross-linked acrylamide friction reduction polymer compounds. ‘Slick Water’ polymers for use in coiled tubing and well bore applications Involving mixed chloride and higher brines. Our D-Series has been built based on our ForceFree drilling fluid and ForceGlide pipe lubricant.

SlickForce FR Series drag reducing agent was developed to enhance application efficacy due to system application variances the various applications depending on brine levels, mono-, di-, or multivalent ion levels, as well as levels of solids – both dissolved or suspended. Competitive offerings negate fine tuning polymers, but Force Chem Technologies believes in proper application as it provides increased friction and drag reduction by two to three times improvement. The SlickForce FR Series typically provides an aqueous system with the instantaneous friction and drag reduction of over 80% shortly after applying the fast acting compounds. Additionally, the compounds are compatible with other lubricants and chemistries that provide increased rate of penetration or optimum pumping rates.

Works extremely well with our ForceGel HT Xanthan Additive. Look here for a case study.

 Product Applications and Uses:

  • SlickForce 1100 was designed for use in fresh waters and light brines with low levels of monovalent ions.
  • SlickForce 1102A is the most universal compound as it was designed to handle higher brines containing some mono and divalent ions, but additions of Force Fluids D-1023 will enhance performance with high levels of multivalent ions.
  • SlickForce 1102C was designed for use in the highest brine levels or clear fluids containing extreme concentrations of mono, di, and multivalent ions.


Coiled Tubing: Excellent results have been achieved in drillout or well service applications by utilizing 1.0 – 5.0 gallons per 25 barrels of water-based drilling fluid (0.10 – 0.50% by volume). Fracturing; Water-based: Utilize 0.5 – 3.0 gallons per 25 barrels of frac fluid (0.05 – 0.3% by volume). Acidizing: Utilize 0.25 – 2.0 gallons per 25 barrels of acid mixtures (0.025 – 0.2% by volume).

Your Force Chem Technologies Sales Engineer will employ the proper compound(s) for optimum results.


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