ForceFree High Pressure Drilling Lubricant For OilField Applications


ForceFree is a special high temperature, high-pressure drilling lubricant that is designed off patented technology to reduce torque and drag in water and oil based drilling mud systems. ForceFree is perfectly complimented by using our ForceGlide friction reducer, when used in tandem, reduce drilling time as well as eliminate problems like differential sticking and bit balling.

ForceFree is a highly complex drilling fluid lubricant designed specifically to speed drilling by reducing torque and lubricating at the high compressive point of the drill bit to formation contact. It does so by lowering surface tension at the interfacial point of force developed between the drill bit and the formation. Capillary forces are controlled for optimum penetration by allowing lubrication surface active agents and lubricant oils to concur on the substrate. Unlike other lubricants which simply apply the capillary forces of repulsion to lower the entropic repulsion forces, ForceFree establishes a lubrication regime across the complete project by employing unique surfactant molecules that diffuse through the oil in water emulsion to become absorbed by the substrate in order to lower the surface potential. At these shorter interaction times, of relevance to tribology, oil capillary junctions and islands of the adsorbed surfactants coexist on the substrate reducing torque and speeding penetration. ForceFree works well in sandstone, shale, dolomite, limestone, basically all drilling formations as its torque reducing qualities will prove out immediately upon application. When applied on high compressive strength cement drill outs, penetration speeds are increased by 200 – 400% while avoiding bit failure. The product mitigates drill bit balling and adhesion while yielding a cleaner, more stable drilling regimen. The product is thermally stable to >400u00b0F and is a non-regulated material which can be easily shipped, handled, and stored.


ForceFree is a proprietary blend of non-polluting surfactants. It is non-flammable, improving worksite safety and is biodegradable. ForceFree is used as a drilling fluid or mud additive.

  • Under studies against many competing products ForceFree outperformed comparable products by 1500psi
  • The lubricity of drilling muds is improved upon application
  • It reduces friction between all of the components downhole.
  • Torque and Drag are common with operations in directional and crooked holes. ForceFree can reduce and minimize the torque and friction
  • Outstanding, highly-effective drilling lubricant.
  • Rapidly disperses into the mud system for penetration to the drill bit-formation interface.
  • Concentrated product reduces logistics costs.
  • Mitigates adhesion and bit balling.
  • Compatible with other chemistries present.
  • Environmentally safe; USDOT Non-regulated.
  • Thermally stable downhole (>400u00b0F) in drilling & completion environments.
  • Penetration speeds are increased by 200 – 400% while avoiding bit failure

Bit Balling Treatment

Aids in stopping bit balling. Prevents mud and scale build up by forming a protective barrier around the drilling bit. As a result, drill bits and drill collars are preserved and noticeably more productive when ForceFree FR is present in the drilling mud.


ForceFree should begin being applied shortly after spudding in order to avoid drill bit wear and torque at the onset of drilling. The optimum amount of ForceFree in most applications will require mixing 0.5 (two quarts) to 1.5 gallons (six quarts) per 5 barrels of aqueous or oil-based drilling mud fluid present. The product can be added to a pill or sweeping fashion depending on needs and conditions.

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