Finally, a product that solves the problem that plagues many shales, which is hardened paraffin wax build up in frac tanks and various other oilfield applications. Paraforce is a specialty chemical formulation that acts as an inhibitor, dispersant and solvent for various equipment and drilling applications. Paraforce is more effective than using xylene to control build up.

It is a companion product to our ForceBreak EB Emulsion Breaker.

Asphaltene and paraffin wax build up results from its presence in hydrocarbons such as crude oil. Oil drilling wells, fuel refineries, frac tanks and pipelines can accumulate this build up (characterized as black and waxy) to the point operations have to cease because of a 100% blockage. Manual labor required to snake out the build up can be expensive as well as time-consuming, but ParaForce can prevent this build up from ever happening or easily remedy situations where build up has already occurred.

Asphaltene and paraffin build-up has become more commonplace in recent years with the popularity of fracking. The heavier
crude oil derived from horizontal drilling is richer in asphaltene & paraffin vs. the lighter crude oil found in shallow wells. This causes issues that start with drilling all the way through to refining.


In line with our other products, ParaForce 2033 is one of, if not the best at what it does and tackles asphaltene & paraffin wax substances that are found in crude oil, in addition to resins, aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as various saturates.


Disperses paraffin build up in tanks, downhole, pipes and equipment upon the WAT. It’s solvent properties help dissolve Paraffin and Asphaltene build up. Superior to other inhibitors on the market.

  1. Dispersant – Disperses asphaltene and paraffin in heavy crude oil and other hydrocarbon based liquids, as well as aromatics, aiding workers in the removal of all associated build up through an advanced dispersion formulation.
  2. Inhibitor – Prevents the formation and build up in crude oil. Stops build up in it’s tracks and eliminates associated downtime and increases production. Works in crude oil and water based mud systems.
  3. Solvent – Dissolves deposits built up over time.

Dispersant Composition & Chemistry

Methyl Amyl Alcohol 5 – 10%
Polyoxyalkylene Glycol 5 – 10%
Confidential Proprietary Ingredients/Trade Secret 15 – 25%
Low Aromatic Feedstock Solvent 200 mg/m3 25 – 35%
Petroleum Solvent 25 – 35%
Confidential Proprietary Fatty Acid Methyl Ester 35 – 45%

See SDS for more information.

Please note that we also provide a biodegradable asphaltene dispersant.

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Other Resources:
Interrelationships between Asphaltene Precipitation Inhibitor Effectiveness, Asphaltenes Characteristics, and Precipitation Behavior during n-Heptane (Light Paraffin Hydrocarbon)-Induced Asphaltene Precipitation Abstract at ACS Publications.
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