production chemicals

production chemicalsForce Chem Technologies supplies our own line of specialty production chemicals.

Our production chemicals are made with the same quality as our cleaners and drilling fluids, using the newest technology when possible to bring you the most effective experience possible. We’ll take your field samples and match the correct chemical to fit your rig system needs in any environment. Our products result in substantial net savings over competing brands. A recent case study demonstrated that 1 quart of one of our completion chemicals was used in a coiled tubing application for every 25 barrel mud sweep at a third of normal cost after consumption for our coiled tubing products. The total price is significantly less than competing products due to substantially lower consumption of our superior production chemicals.

Force Chem Product Line

  • FNC 366 Biodegradable Asphaltene Solvent – The industry’s first biodegradable chemical remediation for asphaltene and paraffin build up.
  • FNC 950 Oxygen Scavenger is a highly effective liquid oxygen scavenger for use in fresh and salt water
  • ForceBreak EB-727 Emulsion Breaker –  Demulsifier & Emulsion Breaker – Separates water in oil in crude oil production. Removes corrosive saline prior to crude oil refinement.
  • ForceBreak TB Demulsifier for Tank Bottom Treatment.
  • ForceCet PH Carboxylic Acid‐based pH Adjustment Compound for Drilling & Wastewater Use.
  • ForceTas PH Potassium‐based pH Adjustment Compound for Drilling & Wastewater Use
  • ForceScav Triazine H2S Scavenger – Control your H2S problems with our triazine hydrogen sulfide scavenger developed for drilling systems – protonated molecule reacts 2X faster and works in both hydrophilic and oil based systems and is three times more concentrated when compared to raw triazine. This results in significant savings and staves off corrosion caused by high levels of H2S. Shown to be highly effective in both oil and gas streams. Oxygen scavengers also available.
  • ForceHib Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor – Versatile inhibitor that effectively treats 99% of corrosion and scale issues both inland and offshore.
  • ForceScav OS 477 Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger for Water Based Systems to Avoid Oxidation of Fluids and Accelerated Corrosion; 8 ppm Removes 1 ppm O2.
  • ForceSurf Scale-X – Ligand and surfactant package for SWD (salt water dumping) maintenance via injectivity improvement, pressure reduction, scale chelation/sequestration, and continuous cleaning of the bore face and perforations. Excellent scale inhibitor in various harsh environments.ForceSurf XLR-8 Concentrated Injectivity Additive Saltwater Disposal Pressure Reducer/Injectivity Improver in hydrophilic and lipotropic systems.
    HydraForce Low Dosage Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor – Flow assurance solution that utilizes anti line freezing chemistry to prevent line blockages in a variety of production systems. Composed of proprietary polymer chemistry.
  • ParaForce 2033 Asphaltene solvent – Outstanding paraffin & asphaltene solvent for clean-up of well bore, surface, gathering, & pipeline systems. Effective in a multitude of applications from drilling rigs all the way to refineries and plants. Serves as a three in one solvent, inhibitor, and dispersant. A great choice when our FNC 366 biodegradable asphaltene solvent isn’t a viable option.

Our Other Product Lines

We provide a line of biodegradable cleaners and solvents, completion fluids  (foamers, defoamers, emulsion breakers), drilling fluids (lubricants and viscosifiers to sweep away cuttings) and raw materials.

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