Keep casing and tubular goods corrosion free.

Force Chem Technologies has created a line of multi-purpose and versatile water treatment products that are effective in treating oil wells with scale and corrosion issues that are either offshore or on land. ForceHib will effectively treat 99% of scale and corrosion issues in a variety of associated areas, making it one of, if not the most versatile solution in the industry to date. Utilizing advanced technology, ForceHib is setting a new standard, acting as an industry leading corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor solution set with superior results and application rates versus competing products.

Effective treatment ranges for ForceHib products are 30-60 ppm. ForceHib is as effective as ForcePac packer fluid and ForceScale X scale inhibitor.

ForceHib Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment Options

  • ForceHib SI-503 & 515 Scale Inhibitor for Broad Spectrum Anti-Deposition
  • ForceHib CI-293 Corrosion Inhibitor – Film-Persistent Production System Corrosion Inhibitor
  • ForceHib SC-630 Is a combination Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Production, Gathering Systems, Disposal, and Waterfloods – combination product for  jobs where injection point and pumping restrictions mandate a 2 in 1 chemical product solution.


ForceHib Scale Inhibitor SDS documents

Stave off corrosion and scaling with ForceHib.

Force Chem Technologies ForceHib CI-293 SDS, Corrosion Inhibitor
Force Chem Technologies, ForceHib SC-630 SDS, Combination Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Force Chem Technologies, ForceHib SI-503 SDS, Broad Spectrum Scale Inhibitor
Force Chem Technologies, ForceHib SI-515 SDS, Broad Spectrum Scale Inhibitor


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