ScaleForce HD is a high performance deposit control agent for oilfield applications.


ScaleForce HD deposit control agent has been developed as a Calcium Carbonate and Barium Sulphate scale inhibitor for use in the most challenging oilfield environments – high temperature, high TDS, high Iron, and high scaling indices.

ScaleForce HD uses the most advanced polymer chemistry to achieve best in class performance. It has been used extensively in hydraulic fracturing, especially when “recycled” waters with high ionic content are used. 

ScaleForce HD is compatible with most other oilfield chemistries and can be winterized with Methanol if necessary. Dose rates will vary based on water chemistry, with 0.5 gallons per thousand (gpt) being typical for
most applications.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance : White, Hazy, Milky
Odor : Slight
Specific Gravity : 1.0 – 1.05
pH : 3.0 – 5.0


Safety goggles and rubber gloves are recommended when handling. Avoid eye and skin contact. When handling this product accepted safety practices should be used. Consult the SDS prior to handling.


ScaleForce HD should be kept at room temperature and away from direct heat sources.

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